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thanksgivingFor those of you in the US, you’re only a couple of days away from the start of the annual frenzy that is Thanksgiving day. An annual event that gives way to the hustle, bustle and event planning that leads up to the celebrations of an another year finalised.

That is if you haven’t already started with your preparations anyway. The thing with Thanksgiving is that it’s that milestone marker that once it’s over, it’s straight into the festive season preparation. If you’re super organised, you may already have that out the way. We have. 😉 Shopping all done, and it’s now it’s just the dinner arrangements, and whatever other events turn up to get scheduled into the calendar.

Gift shopping is done though. Go us lol.

For many though, life is just far too hectic to fit everything in, and if you haven’t started, there’s less than a month to get everything done.

This is the time that if you aren’t focused on preparation, you’re already sort of laying the path for your new year’s resolution to jump on a diet.

In the next month, there’ll probably be thousands of women, packing on the pounds, and probably knowing full well that it’s just the busy schedule, and it’ll get sorted out in January, when the busiest time of the year is over, and get back some kind of normality.

If there is such a thing anyway.

Unfortunately, normality for many is to struggle with juggling a platitude of tasks, without a single thought given to “me time.”

me timeThat is what you need to be prepared for. Giving way to the challenges you’re about to have put on your daily activities, to squeeze more tasks into your day, than you’ve ever had to contend with all year round.

Preparation starts from the instant you get up. The time you’re probably focused on everyone else and not yourself. Getting the kids ready for the school run, or getting yourself ready for a day at work. It’s up, washed, dressed, and out the door, for a hectic day, stressing over everything else you need to get done, forever questioning where the heck the time goes.

The time flies by, and while it’s still the same time we have every day, some days we just get more done than others. The days you get more done, are when you’ve planned and prepared for the day ahead.

Planning and preparation are crucial to balancing your life. Whenever I have to get a ton of stuff done, it’s a checklist I use, checking tasks of as I go.

Do you?

Just get it doneI find that as I work down the list, it’s a motivational push to get to that last task and then it’s wind down for the night. For me, there’s nothing quite as gratifying as knowing I got everything done that I planned to do ahead of time. But at the same time, when that list isn’t completed, it’s quite disheartening to say the least, knowing that something’s been “put off ‘til tomorrow.

I know when that happens, it’s usually a downward spiral, unless I get up that bit earlier to see the yesterday tasks completed, before the tasks for the day are started. Otherwise, it’s an ongoing process when something else gets put off ‘til tomorrow.’

The moral of the story is to get into the habit of careful planning. Monitor your time and know your limits. Otherwise, the only guarantee you’ll have is that you won’t get everything done you need done.

On any days task sheet, have you scheduled in:

  • Time for exercise
  • time for meal preparation
  • And time for relaxation

Sleep is the critical component as you do not want to be staying up until crazy hours, leaving you feeling to worn out to fit in any exercise. Exercise gives you the feel good factor, and without that, you can find yourself either comfort eating, or munching on fast food dinners, because you haven’t the time to prepare and cook a healthy meal.

Start planning for the tasks you know you’re going to have to do anyway, and make sure that you have catered to your own needs, as well as everyone else you feel almost obligated to allocate your time to.

‘Til next time and a note in advance to those in the US of A…Happy Thanksgiving (in advance) That’s preparation!