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epic_failI am kidding of course. As you’ll see up on the top left there, I’m an author over on EzineArticles.com. From time to time, they try to tell their authors how to write. (See this post) Which is good for me, because untrained writers don’t pay attention to the details, making those trained and experienced able to stand out, pretty much too easy 😉 …

To me – advice from a product manager (Marc) is automatically assumed bias. Untrained authors don’t look past the person they’re reading the advice from. Then he goes and throws in a free sample to a product review article template. Ha, sure it worked fast. I threw a bunch of crap together in 15 minutes, and then it’s ready to go.

(Wanna see how garbage it turned out? It’s published below after the line break)

I say it’s crap, but this is why I don’t use templates, and why I also think the net is tarnished with garnish with no real meat and potatoes of solid information, addressing the needs of readers. Cos proclaimed writers are filling in interactive PDFs from the leaders supposed to be improving authorship.

Before reading on, note that I DID NOT purposely construct this to be crud. It’s just how it is, and always has been anytime I use a template for speed writing. I’ll stick with my usual freestyle from now on.

Pinky Promisepinky promise

Here’s the template based content produced from an EZA article template. (I even threw in the pretty link they give for the awesome title lol)

The Top 3 Cellulite Creams Based on Reviewing User Reviews

By Robbie Bowman

Revitol is the acclaimed cream to cover up cellulite. Sworn by many, saturating the market, and yet plenty of women are scratching their head as to the reason why. Why is it the best, what does it do, will it be expensive, and will it work for me?

Those questions will be answered for you in this review of reviews

How did it work for me?

The short answer is that it didn’t. I don’t use it, never have and never will, because I’ve no reason to use it. I’m a guy who provides information on nutrition, and exercise for eliminating cellulite and as a result, creams get in the way of natural remedies to banish cellulite. That said, I keep an open mind and I do believe there are times when cellulite creams are beneficial for fast reduction, rather than long-term gains.

The beneficial contributions of Revitol

  • Reduces cellulite appearance
  • Does it fast – handy for a night out
  • The fast reduction can be a powerful confidence booster!

The downside to using Revitol Cellulite Cream (or any other)

  • It merely masks the appearance and can become relied upon
  • Requires ongoing coverage for continued results
  • The above leads it to an expense that you could probably do without

From looking past the claims of the brand, and into the perspective of the existing users of Revitol, I’d say it’s one of the leaders in creams for covering up cellulite. It’s main benefit is the confidence aspect.

It’s a cream that’s helping women to stop feeling as though they belong on an episode of embarrassing bodies, and that’s the real problem with cellulite. The number it does on your self-esteem and that’s something Revitol have addressed with this cream.

For a cream that will need continuous use for results, it is expensive. The lowest I’ve seen is 27 bucks, although there are options for free samples, letting you try before you buy. That’s a good enticer to encourage your custom. Other creams that you may want to consider are Nivea, which has just as many positive user reviews, up there alongside Celluvin.

Based on the research into the creams on the market, those are what I’d give as the top three performers.

  1. Revitol
  2. Nivea Goodbye Cellulite
  3. Celluvin

… As enhancers to your other activities to get rid of cellulite. These are cover ups to (in my opinion) lift your self-esteem. You can do that with mood foods too though.

Written by Robbie Bowman

Robbie B is a former ghostwriter to fashion moguls, and cosmetics retailers. He knows what it takes to get rid of cellulite, and shares that information freely at www[dot]anticellulitediet.net

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Robbie_Bowman

That’s how it’d look when it’s published on EZA, (with the exception of the [dot] as that is the actual URL that goes in there.) But it’s not gonna be. Promise you that.

Why show you all this? 1) Expectations of what you get from that logo on the top left and 2) Cos it’s 15 minutes I took to see if something worked. Turns out I don’t like the 15 minutes fast writing style as I feel that when I look at my authorship on EZA, I have content that no other author has. Switching to the same style as others, would make the content blend into the category. No thanks on that one.

I prefer to tell it as it is, but I’m not gonna be shy, and tell you why I publish on EZA as it’s pretty self serving, but obviously beneficial to readers.

At the end of each page, the site has author tools that I don’t. As an author, and not a coder, this is stuff that I don’t have access to without the assistance of EZA.



  1. Readers can print the content out – Excellent. They must have found it extremely valuable to cover the cost of ink. My egos inflated!
  2. Email it to a friend – Awesome – They’re recommending it as a worthy read. Slap a suit on cos eyeballs are glaring!
  3. Ezine Publisher – This is the jackpot for authors. As a former freelance writer, authorship on other websites usually meant paid placement. Clients would be contacted to provide a guest post, they’d hire me to author it, and then take the credit. Guest posting to other sites is all great for exposure, but to be quite frank, I just ain’t gonna give my time to just any website for exposure, when I can just give it to the one (EZA) which gets plenty of readership, with tools to gain more exposure. It’s called being productive in your authoring schedule. Ezine Publisher does that in a lazy way. I put it there and if anyone wants to use it, click that, copy it, paste it as is, and I don’t have to deal with requests. Sure it’s lazy but it darn well works. I spend my time focusing on readers, and don’t use templates to create more time, reducing quality. (More exposure with no additional effort on my part. Lazyitus! but more readers get the content they might not otherwise have found)
  4. Cite this article – True expert credential. I’ve become a kinda wiki.
  5. Report this article – Never experienced it and hope never to either. (I’d bury my head in a cyber bunker and never publish again)

That’s the why behind the EZA publications, how it can be used by other authors, and on a final note… I don’t believe any of those five author tools would be used if I were to switch to using article templates. Which is why I won’t be using them.

This is the part where I normally post related content but this post is kinda all over the map, so in the interests of usability, just click the previous post, and you’ll land back up top, with links to anything that tickles your fancy.

‘Til next time